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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 122

Mission No.6 Greed (16)


Adele clung to the clothesline uncomfortably.

“It is small.”

Adele, who stirred his poisonous chest area, drooped the corners of her already drooping eyes even more.

“Especially this part.”

“… Die.”

Revealing this, Shupea pointed at Elif with a wink and growled.

“Or did he wear it?”

“… With such a huge height difference, how can you wear Mr. Carossa’s clothes?”

After calling Elif by her last name for the first time in a long time, Adele shrugged his shoulders, as if feeling uncomfortable.

“Oh, it’s really small.”

“Ah! Really!”

Elif walked towards the two grunting women, bewildered.

“Hey, it’s already been half a year since we’ve known each other, so why don’t we get to know each other?”

“What are you again!”

Shupea started to scream.

She had taken off the armor she was wearing, so she was an elf with a prominent appearance, so she vomited the sorrow of a person without Shu Pea.

“Is it the leisure of those who have it? Are you proud to be the biggest?”

“It’s not like that.”

“I only forgive up to B cups!”

Elif, who couldn’t even make it, was crying, but


Adele robbed Spea’s main property.

“Where can a b*tch who has been bored twice laugh and f*ck!”

After such a bout of physical struggle, the three of them were able to move on.

* * *

When I looked at it from afar, I seemed to be able to see, but when I entered the forest, my vision was blocked.

Because of this, it is impossible to even find the location of the pillar Ewald jumped off of.

To be honest, they are three people.

“Does anyone know how to climb a tree?”

Shupea, who was kicking the thickest tree around, looked up at her tree and muttered.

However, after realizing that there was one person with a fear of heights and one extremely coward in the group, Shupea turned away with a hiss.

“What kind of forest is so dense?”

“That’s right.”

Adele and Shupea, who had agreed for the first time in a long time, sighed in all directions and looked around in all directions, somehow finding the stone pillar from which Ewald had jumped.

But all I see is a tree.

“I don’t know who said to look at the forest and not the trees.”

Shupea showed her fangs sparkling.

“You won’t be able to see the forest before it’s over, right?”

To make matters worse, even a thin fog was hanging over the forest.

Judging that the visibility would be less than 100 meters at this rate, Supea began to think about the risk of being shipwrecked.

However, as soon as she thought about who would come to rescue them, Speaa turned around.

“Do you remember the direction, at least roughly, make it?”

“… What use is a direction in a forest like this?”

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“… I guess so.”

I let out a sigh.

“Okay, yes, yes.”


A tree sat down.

“Move over oh oh oh oh!”

The tree collapsed diagonally, tilted in the direction the Elif had cut it down, and fell down with a tremendous sound.

Shupea, who was awakened by the sound of the knocking, looked at Elif with a devastated expression.

“… Hey, what are you doing?”

“I have to mark the location so I don’t get lost.”

Adele tilted her head at the thought of dropping gold coins on the road to avoid getting lost, or spilling something that caught her eye.

This is too much of an overstatement.

“Ah, are you just cutting down a beautiful tree this big so you don’t get lost?”

“Because being visible is important.”

Shupea, who couldn’t say anything more because he had a cheerful expression, sighed.

“And since this is an artificial sound no matter who hears it, wouldn’t it be possible for the captain to hear it and come?”

Supera was amazing.

“… Didn’t you think of gathering all the monsters in the town to hear this?”

“… Aha!”

Elif, who shrank for a moment, carefully looked around.

However, Elif, who returned to his usual form, put his sword back with a hee-heh laugh.

“Then what now?”

There are times when you wander aimlessly, and there are times when you sit still.

However, the chances of either side meeting Ewald again seemed low.

“Then why don’t you think about it that way?”

Adele gave her opinion.

“I’m thinking about what he would have done if he was the captain.”

“… You don’t think you can do much in this situation, do you?”

“That’s right, oh oh. There’s no way to contact them, and it’s like being in the forest like this.”

However, Adele shook her head slowly at the opinion of the two.

“Wasn’t he trying to inform us at all costs?”

Elif and Shupea’s eyes turned to Adele.

“You mean where you are.”

“So how?”

Wanting to understand Ewald’s behavior, Shupea put on a tired expression.

However, Adele cautiously opened her mouth as if she was aware of Ewald’s behavior.

“Since we aren’t strong enough, we have no choice but to avoid Mr. Carossa making a loud noise like before.”

“Call me Elif.”

“It doesn’t matter now.”

Cutting off Elif’s words with a single stroke, Adele continued her logic.

“I think the way to transmit a signal the farthest in a forest where neither location nor direction is known is sound.”

It made sense.

Ebalt has the ability to create a butcher shop scene even if all the monsters in the neighborhood gather and hold a neighborhood meeting.

That monster was afraid of being seduced by monsters, so he wouldn’t stand still.

When the logic worked, Adele gave him a light nod.

“First, I wonder if it would be better to move to a place where there is a loud sound.”

However, the conclusion was weak. Shupea shook his drooping shoulders and opened his mouth.

“I still can’t hear anything, so you know when you’ll hear a loud sound and follow it?”

“There is nothing we can do right now. But we can’t make sounds, can we?”

That’s right.

“… It’s frustrating, really.”

Whether it was to Adele or tossed at this situation, Supea spit out vague words and put a cigarette in his mouth.

And then, a really slight vibration tickled Shupea’s toes and disappeared.

‘… Uh?’

He knew he felt wrong.

But as soon as the vibrations died away, there was a faint thump that was barely audible, with great bass.

It was not something I heard with my ears, but felt with my body.

Shupea looked around with a cigarette in her mouth.

However, after seeing Elif and Adele looking everywhere just like her, Shupea quickly put a cigarette in her pocket.

“Did you feel it?”

“I wasn’t the only one who felt it.”

Adele nodded her head and looked at Shu Pea, while Elif pointed a confident finger somewhere at her.

“There… Was it?”

The ground the three of them were standing on shook slightly. For an instant, the three of them looked at each other alternately, focusing all their attention on their ears.

And, without fail, a super-low thump rang out.

The sound was small enough to tickle her eardrums, but Adele quickly turned her head and raised her finger slightly to the right of where Elif was pointing.

“It is over there.”

“No, I think you are right.”

Elif also spoke as she turned to where Adele pointed.

I wondered how strong the force was emanating from it, so I wondered if it shook the earth even slightly and emitted such a magnificent sound, but for now, I couldn’t think of anything else other than the judgment that someone was artificially making the sound.

“… Shall we go?”

“Should we go?”

“It doesn’t matter, what the heck.”

The three women agreed.

And once again, the vibration passed through the three people’s feet.

Third sound. The three waited for the sound, watching where Adele had last pointed.


Right. As soon as the three women agreed on the direction of the sound, they turned around without asking anyone first.

* * *

‘… What potion did you use so quickly?’

Ewald sighed as he applied the potion around his waist, which was chewed up and spit out by an unknown giant bird.

The fact that potions are consumed so quickly means that you get hurt that often.

‘It wasn’t like this before.’

For my body to remember, it was only six months ago that Belzedeus was sealed, but Ewald recalled an old thought.

However, even when compared objectively, there was a clear difference between Ewald before and after sealing Beelzedeus.

To be honest, the current Ewald was not up to its former majesty.

I felt sad for nothing, but after meticulous first aid, Ewald put the remaining potion into his backpack.

‘… I wonder if they’ll be okay.’

I couldn’t even comprehend what had happened as I was bitten by that grotesquely large bird, but before I jumped off the pillar, I remembered the rocky cliff that had risen out of nowhere across the endless forest and the mark on the cliff. Ewald drew his own conclusions.

I’m not sure what this space is.

However, it was not a space that could be underground, and I could only feel that the cave and this place were connected to each other by something.

And to Ewald, why these spaces were connected to each other was not a very important issue.

If the single dot on the vertical cliff towering hundreds of meters high was the cave where Ewald was, the crew would be there too.

However, Balt nodded his head soon after judging that if he had climbed down the cliff at least once, he would go looking for the crew and get confused.

And when he thought about it, he realized that they were the ones who would climb down the cliff at all costs, and Balt stood up from his seat with a ridiculous smile.

The forest is so obstructed that the view is severely stuffy.

Ewald, who could not find anything but the sea of ​​the forest even when he looked down from the pillar, thought that the crew must be somewhere in this forest.

‘Because I won’t be able to see it even if I look for it from above.’

Except for the towering cliffs and five strangely protruding pillars, this place is just a forest.

Thinking of the only way to convey something to humans in the forest, Ebalt nodded lightly and stretched out his hand.

A place that is surprisingly full of mana.

Ewald grabbed dozens of strands of mana, which was abundant enough to flow, and twisted it up to his elbows.

At the same time, Ebalt, who quickly completed the magic formula in his head, spewed a mass of mana towards the direction his hands were pointing at.

“Björt sprengingar.”

Top level shock magic. The ground began to vibrate in an instant.

The magic mixed with mana drew a bright red magic circle on the forest floor.

First of all, Ebalt, who decided to blow away all the trees in this place, gathered more mana to blow enough explosive power to the place where the magic circle was formed.

When this magic circle spits fire, you can feel the vibration no matter how far away you are.

After thinking like that, Ewald began condensing the mana floating around.

However, feeling something strange, Ewald scattered his mana.

At the same time, instead of the vibration felt in the magic circle, another vibration briefly brushed past Ebalt’s toe. And in an instant, a thumping impact shoved Ewald away and disappeared into the distance.

Ewald turned his head in the direction he heard the sound, furrowing his eyebrows, unable to understand why he was hearing such a sound in the forest.

* * *


Now the noise was getting so loud that it almost hurt my ears.

Elif, Adele, and Spea walked towards the noise, clearly feeling what it meant to say that the earth shakes.

“Looks like they’re all here!”

Now the beat was high enough that I could barely hear it when I shouted.

The two of them nodded at Shupea’s words and pushed themselves out into the white space.

The tree is gone

To be precise, as if there were no trees in the first place, a wide open space suddenly spread out.

However, the three of them had to stare blankly at what was in the middle of the clearing and put on a bewildered expression.

What appeared majestic,

“… I’m going crazy, really.”

It was a building.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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