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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 109

Mission No.6 Greed (3)

“You must go downstairs.”

Ewald nodded his head.

“Are there any other considerations?”

Lafon, who put the wad of paper down in front of Balt, opened his mouth slightly.

“It’s difficult to tell you, but I think you’d better check it yourself. I have a lot of sensitive parts…”

Ewald carefully picked up the paper and read it quickly.

Elif, Adele, and Spaa, who were selected as dispatchers, were holding their breath in a strange tension, gazing only at Ewald’s eyes.

And Ewald, who was turning the tenth or eleventh page, stopped breathing for a moment.

‘… This, this!?’

Ewald’s sharp gaze wavered just a little. It was because of the words he had discovered. He wanted to stare straight at Lafon, but his superhuman patience suppressed his desire.

Instead, Ewald raised his eyebrows deliberately and cast his gaze at Elif.

“Monster… ?”


At Balt’s remarks, Elif showed the expected reaction at once and pulled his body back.

“… There is none.”

Elif glared at Ewald with an expression about to cry, and Ewald smiled and turned the paper over to the back page.

“There are demons.”

“… No, don’t make fun of me.”

“There is.”

Everyone except for Ewald turned to Lafon. In particular, Elif, who had experience in fighting Cerberus, opened his mouth wide with the momentum to pull out his chin.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, the devil?”

Lafon nodded.

“A report from the survivor group is coming. The expedition team that did not return is still in a situation where it is unknown what happened to them.”

“… Isn’t this dangerous?”

Lafon tilted his head at those words from Shupea, who was raising his eyebrows like Ebalt.

“Isn’t it dangerous, so I’m asking you a favor?”

If it’s easy, I’ll go myself. It would have been a shameless line if it was a human, but Lafon is a dwarf.

They are a race that accepts anything as long as it is logically resolved.

However, Shupea, who belongs to the human group, puts his cigarette in her mouth with an annoyed face.

“Mister, shouldn’t we reconsider this?”


“It’s not a monster, it’s a devil?”

Acrid cigarette smoke billows up. However, Ewald turned the paper back with a look that said it was nothing.

“It’s not like Cerberus, so what? It’s only about tier 5 or 6.”

“… You like Cerberus. Why is such a demon in Middle-earth?”

“There was. I caught it with Elif and Adele.”

“… What?”

You captured Cerberus with these humans?

Superea glanced at Elif with a face asking where she was cheating, but when she saw Elif shaking her head up and down in complete terror, she let go of the cigarette she was holding.

“Really? There is no Cerberus, right?”

“Ugh. What…”

Ewald turned over another piece of paper.

“It seems that those who survived did not see it.”


Elif, feeling serious skepticism as to whether he said he would follow him for no reason, began to stare at Ewald with his characteristic teary-eyed eyes.

“Can’t we take a lot of those dwarves too?”


Ewald kicked off Elif’s proposal with a single stroke.


“To be honest, I want to take him too…”

Ewald looked at Lafon, speechless.

Receiving that gaze, Lafon nodded and continued the story that Ewald couldn’t bring up.

“The designation of the birthplace of Benyadium as a sacred place was a measure to prevent the entry of other races other than the Dwarves.”

“What are you talking about again?”

Lafon slightly withdrew his gaze from Elif, who blinked with an incomprehensible face.

“The Dwarves say that no one goes to rescue that Benadium.”

“… Yes?”

Dwarves hate rare ores?

With a face asking if it would be more persuasive to say that the squirrel has a nut allergy, Supea pulled another cigarette from her bosom.

“Ohisa-sama, is there a reason why the dwarves don’t enter?”

“I guess…”

Lafon’s gaze, which was lost, turned to Shupea.

“That’s what it looks like, and as you can tell from the name itself, the demon’s metal, the dwarf picks up begnadium…”

Rappon corrected his lines.

“I am reluctant to mine.”

“… That’s why now.”

I’m full of spirits. Shupea continued to smoke at Lafon’s answer, which was impossible to understand with human common sense.

“To be more specific…”

“It’s okay, you’re saying you can’t bring it because it’s dirty and in a bad mood, right now.”

With a dirty and unpleasant expression on her face, Shupea breathed out cigarette smoke, then crushed it out with an expression that she had given up her taste.

“You were a patient with mysophobia. That’s why they don’t even want to go get it, aren’t you telling us to release the one designated as the sanctuary and bring it to us?”


Ewald nodded his head.

“So, the fact that Benyadium was created is like feces, but it means that the dwarves also see it as feces. If you save me instead, I want to do research.”

Having stabbed Lafon in the middle, Ewald turned over the last page of the paper without any change in his expression.

“That’s probably why a Dwarf never set up an expedition to mine Benyadium since it was first discovered.”

Ebalt stood next to his party, the Dwarf, and blew vicious words. Lafon, a dwarf and Ohisa, looked at Ewald with a rather dark expression and sighed incongruously with his appearance.

“Dwarves are kind of like that.”

“Well, that’s a story I know well because I’ve been through it.”

Ewald, who put the paper down on the table, looked at Lafon with a strange smile.

“Let’s negotiate.”

“What do you mean by negotiation? …”

“I can’t do it with just one Schheim.”

Lafon’s wary gaze returned to Ebalt, and Ebalt opened his mouth, increasing the intensity of his strange laugh.

“Please make me some weapons.”

“That’s quite possible, but…”

Are you talking about making a deal with just that? Lafon tilted his head.

But Ewald shook his head slightly. Then, he finally looked at Lafon and said with a firm expression on his face.

“To the level of capoteron.”

Lafon’s face suddenly cooled.

* * *

“Are you talking about the capoteron of Prince Radvan Centavius?”

“Yes, that.”

Ebalt nodded his head.

Lafon, who had never been seen before, was unable to take his green eyes off Ebalt in a completely hardened form.

“Can’t you?”

From noble mtl dot com

“… Do you not know what capoteron is?”

“It has been confirmed in the literature. I haven’t experienced it myself.”

Does anyone who knows that say something like that? Although he couldn’t bring himself to say it, Lafon, who had already vomited enough of those feelings through his eyes, shook his head resolutely.

“I am going to say no. What is capoteron? Are you asking me to put out a few more bags of that into the world?”

“Will it take time?”

“It is not a matter of time, is it? Absolutely not. No matter how much Kitsuka-sama asks for it, it will never be as much as that.”

Ohisa is Ohisa no matter how small she looks.

Lafon, who stood proudly in front of Ebalt with great force, continued his words with a determined voice.

“I dare to tell you. The Dwarves will never make Capoteron again. Have you forgotten that it was the worst disaster before Belzedeus appeared on this land?”

“Well, I didn’t live in that era, but I know that the capoterone is a natural disaster knife.”

“Then why do you ask us to make it again? Several sacks of that too! Do you really want to see the continent stained with blood?”

An expression bordering on contempt appeared on Lafon’s face.

The crew members, who had been docile and quiet until now, watched in a daze as Lafon, close to running amok, ran into Ewald, and did not understand at all what topic this debate was starting from.

“I was looking at the wrong person. Isn’t Belzedeus, who was sealed in your arms, turbulent, Miss Kitsuka?”

“Ayu, you are talking a little harshly.”

Ebalt, who causes a match at the word Belze Deus, turns his words around with a relaxed smile like that. For a moment, Shupea felt something strange.

However, as he silently watched Ewald’s actions, he noticed that Ewald was tapping on a piece of paper lying on the table.

And Ewald and Shupea’s gazes collided for a brief moment.

It was a short moment that almost passed by, but Ewald’s gaze, which stopped abruptly the moment he met his eyes, returned to its original position.

And Ewald’s fingers started tapping the paper with a blatant noise.

“Oh my.”

Why are you playing with your fingers like that? Shupea landed on the table and stretched out, sneaking a wad of paper from under Ewald’s fingers.

“So you’re saying no?”

“Of course, isn’t it? I will not discuss capoteron any further. So, please, Kitsuka-sama, please don’t say such scary things.”

“Then. I won’t ask you to make more.”

Ewald grinned and continued to tap a section of paper with his finger.

“You need to tell me where Capoteron is.”

“… Yes?”

Lafon, with a sad expression, hurriedly raised his head and met Ebalt’s eyes.

Lafon’s voice suddenly began to tremble.

“How do we, we, we, know where Capoteron is?”

“Don’t you know?”

Ewald pushed his face right in front of Lafon’s face and opened his mouth with a face telling him to give up.

“You think you know? They seem to be doing regular maintenance as well.”

Roughly, Lafon’s eyes shook.

But Lafon, who couldn’t understand why he was mentioning capoteron at this point, let it go in a suppressed voice.

“… How did you know?”

Ewald slightly turned his head to look at Shupea.

“He wrote it down like this.”

Shupea put down the paper he was holding on the table with a smile similar to Ewald’s on his lips.

On the page she was reading, the word ‘capoteron’ had been crushed by Ewald’s fingers and was in tatters.

* * *

Lying on the bed, Felix was lost in thought, exhaling quietly.

Beelzedeus will be annihilated only when Ebalt survives.

When Ebalt dies, Beelzedeus disappears.

Two contradictory propositions collided head-on in Felix’s head.

Felix came across the proposition that Beelzedeus would die only when Ewald died, and Rahaf came across the proposition that Beelzedeus would die only when Ewald lived.

Felix, who felt beyond confusion and a slight fear, groaned involuntarily at the pain that invaded his body again.

“… Are you very sick?”

“Rahaf… Sir.”

Laharp, who had been reading a book with a chair brought out of Felix’s field of vision, only turned his head to look at Felix.

Felix, aware of Laharp’s presence, tried to lift his upper body, although it is not known how long he had been sitting there.

“Before I sever your spine so you can’t get up at all, just stay there.”

Felix, who knew better than anyone that Laha Fra would sever enough of his spine to make him unable to move, gave up neatly and only let out a grunt.

Felix’s mind was once again filled with the name Ewald.

Ewald himself seems to think that Beelzedeus will die only if he survives 30 years.

However, what I heard from ‘her’ is that Beelzedeus will only disappear when Ebalt dies.

Even the basis for judging which one is true is thin. Felix was very annoyed by the situation.

Then, suddenly, Felix realized that LaHaf was there.


“Why? Do you want to know who told you that Beelzedeus dies only when Ebalt lives?”

Is it mind reading? Felix suppressed his throbbing body and mind and replied briefly, “Yes.”

Rahaf checked Felix’s well-being with only a sidelong glance, then quietly opened his mouth while keeping his eyes fixed on the book.

“I heard about it from the elf who sealed Beelzedeus in Ewald.”

“… Are you an elf?”

Felix’s eyebrows furrowed. Laharp nodded slowly as if he hadn’t noticed Felix’s sign.

“It was 20 years ago, so it must be the latest information. He told me that when he stopped Lasser Palasea.”

“Laser… Palasea?”

“I have an elder elven. He is one of the few guys who went to subdue Beelzedeus with Ebalt and came back alive.”

Felix’s gaze turned to the ceiling.

Then, as if to memorize a spell, he once again brainwashed the elf’s name.

“Laser Palacea.”

“… Is something going on?”

Eventually, Rahaf closed the book he was reading and looked back at Felix.

But Felix didn’t even feel her gaze and closed her eyes tightly.

‘… Damn it.’

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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