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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 222

222. Chaos (2)

The dinner of the Duke of Tristan boasted of great quality befitting such a reputation.

It’s a modest reception room, but the food you can taste in such a facility is truly first-class.

Tagliatelle has a salty taste thanks to salting.

The meat sauce goes well with the long, flat noodles. Spicy sausage peeled, mashed and sautéed in olive oil, accompanied by roasted cherry tomatoes. The colors are varied and the flavor is great.

Really, the unity of taste is wonderful food-

“Are you trying to escape like that?”


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Those words came to me as I was putting my head down on a plate as if I was trying to analyze the molecular structure of food.

This sentence came from a woman with a ponytail sitting next to her, holding her chin and curling up the corners of her mouth.

“Nice to meet you. This is Beatrix of the Marquess of Kilgore.”

“…This is Dowd of the Viscount Campbell.”

Saying that, he bowed softly.

Elnor’s last stop, secretary of the student council.

Beatrix Elfin Kilgore.

I heard that you are probably visiting for the ‘harvest festival’ that will be held tomorrow at the Tristan family.

I heard that it’s like a big holiday in the Duchy of Tristan. Originally, it’s always an event around this time of year.

Since it is an important period for the Duke of Tristan, who is regarded as the main pillar of the country, most famous nobles often show their faces.

‘…There are rumors that the emperor himself will attend this time.’

Recalling that information, Beatrix continued with a grin on her face.

“Is this your first time meeting in person? I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Beatrix grinned as she said that.

“…If it weren’t for this situation, we would have had a proper conversation.”


While whispering those words, I followed the tips of Beatrix’s eyes as she slightly averted her gaze.

However, the liquid nitrogen-level cold that was still pouring from there showed no signs of dissipating.

On the other side of the spacious table, there were people who were most wanted to meet each other in the current situation.

Elnor. Elijah.

These are the causes of the ice-like atmosphere that has been going on ever since.

“Isn’t that something that needs to be dried? As you can see, you are the cause.”

Beatrix whispered those words one after another, pumbling her stiff cheek muscles.

I agree with you on that point.

The problem.

“…The moment I say something wrong, it seems like sh*t will happen.”

“That sounds like it.”


Honestly, the priority right now is to wait and see.

Anyway, even if you intervene when you intervene, it is certain that it is not now.



Why are you two like this?

Recently, they haven’t bumped into each other openly, so I was thinking that the relationship has gotten a little smoother, but now the signs between the two are unmatched cold.

[Aren’t you too complacent?]


[Since you’ve been in the middle, you didn’t talk to each other and cooperated even when things happened. I don’t think the two of you ever got along well, right?]


[If you have a common goal, you can cooperate, but if you are fighting for the ‘leadership’, neither of you will give in?]


That sounds like a good idea.

It’s just that the two didn’t fight because of various issues, but Elijah and Elnor are a bad relationship that boasts a long tradition from the main game. There’s no way we can easily get along with each other.

[How much more.]

Caliban said with a pitiful smile.

[If you are in a situation where you think that the princess ‘stolen’ the person you like. Even more.]

With those words, El Nore, who had been silent until now, opened her mouth.


She didn’t even look at the shiny steak in front of her, but El Nore, who was leading the mood, opened her mouth with a hard voice.

“What are you doing here, dear?”

The atmosphere was so savage that I could never have imagined it when I was alone.

At those words, Elijah, who had been looking at me expressionlessly without even touching her food until now, lifted her head.

Elijah, who had met El Noir’s eyes for a moment, smiled silently.

“It’s just the Harvest Festival. Caliber?”

“…Stop making excuses that even an idiot wouldn’t believe. Because it’s getting weak.”

Elnor responded coldly.

“There is no precedent for a man, Countess Kendride, to peacefully put his face in during harvest. Do you think it makes sense?”

“Oh. I’m a hero now, student president?”


“Now, such a ‘small’ political reason is fine. I will be where I want to be.”


At Elijah’s leisurely reply, Elnor’s eyebrows narrowed to the center of his forehead.

I mean, it’s for trivial political reasons, but the intention contained in it is to reveal to Elnor that if you have now won the title of warrior, you have a position to obliterate even the background of the ‘Duke of Tristan’.

It is no different from an expression of intention that he will not back down any longer.

“…For a bet.”

Elnor said in a frosty voice.

“Everyone agreed that the winner had Daud.”

“I never agreed to it in the first place. What is that bet?”


“That’s right. Didn’t I even know there was such a thing?”

I don’t think so… I don’t.

I heard from Caliban that he only delivered the message to all the vessels of the devil except for Elijah. She must have been something Elijah really didn’t know.



The words that follow clearly go beyond that range.

“Teacher, don’t keep talking about it as if you were entrusted with it. Because you’re trying to be annoying.”

Sparks flew from Elnor’s eyes.

“Are you going to fight, dear?”

Though that voice came out with a bloody expression.

Immediately, Elijah replied with a pitiful smile.

“I will. I am curious.”


“I wouldn’t have known in the past, but now my level has improved quite a bit. Enough to match the number with them.”


“Aren’t you curious about how far we can stick together?”


“I’ll bet you too.”

Elijah’s eyes also glistened violently.

“On the condition that if I win, I will completely take the teacher away from you. How are you?”

All of the following happened in an instant.

Elnor grabbed the sword and jumped up from his seat, Elijah immediately grabbed the hilt of the holy sword as if responding to him, Beatrix jumped up and stood up in the same way to stop Elnor, and the servants lined up around her were also frightened. By the time I was about to stand up.

There was a crazy human who intervened between them.

So, I mean.

[ A critical situation is detected. ]

[ It is judged as a level that poses a direct threat to life. ]

[ Skill: Applies End of Life at EX grade. ]

At the same time that such a window pops up.

She raises her hand and stands on the table.

It’s a desperate situation, but if you get hit by these two at the same time, you’ll die.

I did it because I was sure that these two would never harm me.

In fact, as soon as they saw me, didn’t Elnor and Elijah stop moving at the same time in a puzzled look?

“…Don’t fight.”

As I said that, I looked at the two Nama at the same time in a state of cold sweat.

“Seriously, please. Do not fight.”

“…Daud, get out of the way.”

“Yes, sir. Don’t interfere now-“

However, even so, these women show no signs of stopping.

Even if they try to match each other right now, they seem to want to see it for sure.



I close my eyes tightly and add one more word.

“I hate violent women.”



The faces of Elnor and Elijah went blank at the same time.

He looks like he’s asking what the hell he’s talking about, but he puts his face on it and adds one more word.

“If you fight, you both will hate it.”



Let’s hear that.

Elnor and Elijah let go of their sword hilts as they glared at each other fearfully.

And as soon as the two of them sat quietly, Beatrix, who had been watching this all along, made a face of amazement.

(…That calms you down?)

In my ears, I hear Beatrix muttering in a bewildered voice.

It is a transmission using magic power. It was probably set so only I could hear it, not Elnor or Elijah.

Beatrix, you must have been in the Faculty of Magic. It’s a fairly difficult technique, but it’s easy to use.

(How much do you both like you…?)


(Perhaps you are more than just a rumor…?)


No bad words.


Thanks to what you just said, it seems that the situation has entered a lull.

Elnor and Elijah occasionally glar at each other, but at least there doesn’t seem to be any sign of hitting each other like before.

[Still, it’s fortunate.]

‘What is it?’

[Even the princess would have gone into a frenzy if she knew who took the first place from you.]

‘…Did you know that?’

[It’s just that, looking at your reaction, it seems to have come out quite well. Elijah said you were sympathetic, but I’ve never seen me always sticking by your side. Then, without even knowing, you were squeezed. There’s only one guy who can do that, well. Isn’t that the guy inside her body?]


[Looking at the reaction, it seems correct. Anyway, it’s fortunate that things don’t get bigger because of that right now, isn’t it?]

Should I call that a relief?

Fortunately, it means that there are still bombs left to avoid in the future.

[Still, it’s better than exploding right away, right?]

‘…That’s right.’

While thinking that, I looked around the silent drawing room.


It’s nice to have prevented a big fight right away.


The atmosphere is breathtaking.

The feeling of walking on thin ice between Elnor and Elijah made my skin tingle.

Right now, they are sipping tea for dessert and not even looking at each other, but it is clear to the person sitting in the room that they are frantically rolling their eyes with me in between.

For me, who recently got used to observing this kind of atmosphere, it was difficult to breathe.

[Well. Anyone can see that I just stopped fighting in front of you right now, right?]


[I think if it was a seat without you, they would be ready to compete with each other somehow?]

I agree.

That’s why I think I’m going to die too.

If it’s Elnor who ate two pieces and Elijah who holds the holy sword, it’s time to boil with all your might. If a fight broke out in earnest, it wouldn’t be strange if one of them was seriously injured.

It’s a big power-up event. Both of them are still there, but the growth rate is also at a very high level at this point, so the surrounding damage will be no joke.

‘…I can’t let them fight.’

I can’t help it. It’s time to do something.

First of all, we need to arrange a place to talk somehow…!

“Oh, there you are.”

When I gestured to the attendant who was quietly waiting in the corner of the room, the attendant approached me with neat steps and bowed her head asking if she needed anything.

From noble mtl dot com

At this, I said with a shy smile.

“Excuse me, but do you have anything to enjoy? Cards or board games.”

It was not a request befitting a place boasting such blinding splendor, but the attendant moved me by nodding his head without panicking at all.

“Would you be okay with the items the workers have in the break room? It’s a little… But there are also customs.”

The face caught on my face grew bigger when I saw the servant who was speechless.

Anything customary in the Tristan family would be, at best, cards used for gambling.

“Oh, yes. Anything. Thank you.”

As the attendant bowed her head at my words and disappeared with a tidy gait, Beatrix glared at me with a puzzled expression.

“Cards or board games? Right here?”

“Well, there is nothing to do right now, right?”

Whatever it is, it’s a much better option than hanging out in this tiny parlor and enjoying the suffocating atmosphere.

In that sense.

“…Let’s do it together.”

I recommend it to the two people who are currently creating this atmosphere.


Save me.

“…I’m done.”

“…Me too.”

So said Elijah and Elnor, glaring at each other.

It seemed that they had no intention of getting close to each other.

“Ah, don’t do both.”

Persuade desperately somehow.

Even if you squeeze all your narration skills, you’ll find one of the few mouth-watering sentences in your life dripping down one after another to keep Elnor and Elijah seated at the same table.

‘…This is how it works…!’

In the end, it seems reluctant, but I cheer inwardly when I see the two people pulling a chair together and sitting face to face.

“I will convince you of that again.”

Beatrix, who had been watching this from the side, smiled and said.

(I heard about fame indirectly from Elnor, but it’s not just anyone who is a real playboy. His ability to ride a line is amazing?)

Continued, that voice echoed in my ears instead of being voiced.

It must have been a whole tone again.


I let out a sigh and glared at Beatrix.

What are you talking about again?

(No, it’s strange.)

Beatrix continued, still giggling.

(Even if you search the whole world, you’re the only one who can control Princess Tristan and the hero at the same time with a single word. You should be proud of it, right?)


That’s a compliment or a curse.

While muttering those words inwardly, the four of them sat across the table facing each other.

Then, the board game brought by the attendant was soon settled in the center.


As soon as I read the sentence on the cover of the board game, I instinctively feel that something is seriously wrong.

『 & Big mess love love life game & 』

『Who will be connected with whom and how? Take your opponent’s spouse and make it completely your own! 』

『 The first-place couple will instantly create a magic stone ring that can be worn together! 』






Everyone at this table must be wondering how this one came out of so many board games.

I also look at the attendant in a cold sweat. Looking at what this is.

“…I remember you said that it could be customary…”

I said in a trembling voice at the words that came out like an excuse in a voice that said it was difficult.

“…Is this the only one?”

“…There was only this.”


With those words.

A devastating silence fell over the table.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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