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As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal Volume – Chapter 808 – : Feeling Full of Joy

Chapter 808 – 808: Feeling Full of Joy

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Feeling Full of Joy

He pointed at a record on the manuscript.”Look, this is a record of the secret exchanges between the Ming Dynasty imperial court and foreign envoys. This is very helpful for us to study the exchanges between ancient China and foreign countries.”

Zhang Chen and Zhou Xuanbing stared at the record on the manuscript, their hearts filled with curiosity and excitement. They had completely underestimated the value of this manuscript.

“Other than its historical significance, this kind of manuscript is also extremely valuable in the collector’s market. You might not know this, but in international auctions, it is not uncommon for manuscripts to be sold for huge prices.”

Zhang Chen and Zhou Xuanbing looked at Luo Feng in shock. They realized that this seemingly ordinary manuscript might be a precious cultural relic.

“This is unbelievable!” Zhang Chen said excitedly. We didn’t realize the value of this manuscript at all. Now that I think about it, we almost missed a huge opportunity.”

Zhou Xuanbing held the manuscript tightly, her eyes shining with determination.”We can’t miss any more details. Luo Feng, you’re right. This manuscript is very meaningful to the three of us. We must study it carefully.”

” That’s right.” Luo Feng smiled and nodded.” Only through in-depth research can we uncover a corner of history.” I believe that with the efforts of the three of us, this manuscript will reveal even more surprising secrets. “After Feng Luo explained the historical background and value of the Ming Dynasty manuscript in detail, Zhang Chen and Zhou Xuanbing began to evaluate the manuscript.

They carefully observed the paper quality, handwriting, preservation, and other aspects of the manuscript. They also referred to the market price of some similar manuscripts.

After various considerations, they believed that this manuscript might be worth between three million to three million eight hundred thousand!

Zhang Chen and Zhou Xuanbing looked at each other in disbelief.

They never thought that this seemingly ordinary manuscript would have such a high market value.

“This is unbelievable!” Zhang Chen was so excited that he almost jumped up.” If we can successfully auction this manuscript, it will be a huge fortune!” Zhou Xuanbinz also revealed an unconcealable iov.”Not onlv wealth, but also honor! We will become the ones who possess such precious artifacts and successfully bring them to the world.”

Luo Feng smiled at the two of them. He had already thought of something similar.

He knew very well that if he could successfully auction off this manuscript, other than wealth and glory, there might be more stories and secrets hidden behind it.

“This manuscript does have great potential.”Luo Feng said, ” But before the auction, we need to make more preparations.”

Zhang Chen and Zhou Xuanbing were immediately intimidated by Luo Feng. They knew that Luo Feng’s ability in appraising treasures was unmatched.

“We need to understand this manuscript more deeply.”Zhou Xuanbing said, ” We’ll analyze it in detail from the handwriting, the paper used, and the state of preservation to ensure its authenticity and market value.”

“At the same time, we can also consult some professionals to obtain more information about this manuscript.”Luo Feng added,” They might provide some valuable suggestions and opinions.”

“That’s right!” Zhang Chen nodded. Before deciding whether to put the manuscript up for auction, we must make every effort to ensure that it has sufficient attractiveness and market value.”

Zhou Xuanbing held the manuscript tightly, her gaze firm.” No matter how much effort I put in, I hope that this manuscript can truly display its value. I believe that with the joint efforts of the three of us, it will become the most dazzling pearl in history. And very quickly.

Luo Feng introduced the value and characteristics of the manuscript to Pavilion Master Li in detail.””This manuscript is a treasure among the cultural relics of the Ming Dynasty. Not only is the handwriting clear and the paper quality is well preserved, but more importantly, the content recorded in it matches the background of the era. According to my appraisal, it indeed has a very high collection value.”

Pavilion Master Li listened to Feng Luo’s introduction and nodded in agreement.””Hearing you say that, I’m even more interested in this manuscript.”

“Mr. Luo, you have rich experience and unique abilities in appraising treasures. I believe you can bring more value to this cultural relic.”

“Thank you for your affirmation.” Luo Feng smiled gratefully. I will try my best to make this manuscript more elegant and outstanding. ”

Pavilion Master Li patted the table lightly. Then we’ll come to an agreement. I’m willing to purchase this manuscript and entrust you with the follow-up matters. Of course, before the auction, we still need to make a beautiful display to attract more potential buyers.”

“No problem.” Feng Luo nodded in agreement. In addition to the exhibition, I will also write a detailed introduction to the manuscript so that everyone can better understand its value and historical background.”

The two of them shook hands and celebrated the agreement. Luo Feng was filled with joy. He knew that through this transaction, his career would take a new step forward.

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As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

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