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A Wizard’s Secret Volume – Chapter 1063-END – A Perfect World (Finale)

Chapter 1063: A Perfect World (Finale)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Boom boom boom.”

The Five Regions Absolute Beings’ world powers were wildly deployed and covered the entire sky. In the Source Realm, there were only two types of power. One was Destruction and the other was Rebirth.

The Void Beasts represented the Power of Destruction whereas the Controllers represented the Power of Rebirth. Therefore, the collision of these inherently different powers naturally resulted in a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering fluctuation.

The slightly weaker Void Beasts were instantly crushed by the Five Regions Absolute Beings’ world powers. Only the Void Beasts Masters were capable of resistance!

However, the number of Void Beasts were simply too many, especially the Master-level Void Beasts which were more than twice as many, considering top existences such as the Five Regions Absolute Beings. There were more than a dozen Master-level Void Beasts.

Immediately, chaos erupted throughout the sky. While the Five Regions Absolute Beings were formidable, faced against the immense number of Void Beasts, they were somewhat helpless. Especially when the Master-level Void Beasts, too, began to retaliate.

These Master-level Void Beasts were almost like personifications of the Power of Destruction. There seemed to be countless tiny seeds that contained the Origin of Destruction in their bodies.

Through these tiny seeds, the Master-level Void Beasts were able to wield unfathomable terror. They were able to cause the Power of Destruction to become tangible. Rays of the Power of Destruction rained down. Even the Five Regions Absolute Beings could barely withstand.

Therefore, when the Master-level Void Beasts began to attack, the battle odds changed drastically. Even the Five Regions Absolute Beings found it difficult to hold on. As for the other ordinary Controllers and Free Beings, they were unable to withstand the attacks of the Power of Destruction.

Merlin stayed with the crowd. The Powers of Destruction and Rebirth in his body were growing rapidly. Particularly, the Power of Destruction was growing the fastest. If things were like before, the Power of Destruction would have swallowed its host and completely destroyed Merlin’s Illusory World. However, the Power of Destruction had almost merged entirely with Merlin’s natural order. Therefore, following the growth of the Power of Destruction, Merlin’s power of the natural order and Power of Rebirth were also growing in tandem.


Suddenly, an ordinary Void Beast rammed toward Merlin’s direction. Many of the Controllers wielded their strongest abilities, mobilizing their world powers to fight against this ordinary Void Beast.

They could resist one Void Beast somehow but if there were two, three, ten or twenty… Perhaps even more Void Beasts, how could they possibly hold on?

Therefore, after the continuous impacts of multiple enormous Void Beasts, many Controllers and Free Beings could not hold on and were strewn haphazardly. Even the Controllers’ worlds were pulverized by the impact.

These worlds were the essence of each Controller. So, any harm which befell the world was potentially deadly for the Controllers. Hence, one after another, the ordinarily difficult-to-kill Controllers perished together with their worlds.

It was Merlin’s first experience witnessing such carnage. All of them used to be an eternal existence that could not be conquered but now, they were falling piece by piece. Remember, every Controller or Free Being had been the top most existence of their worlds. Such an existence, in their respective worlds, was equivalent to a deity.

Currently, these supreme existences were being killed mercilessly by the Void Beasts. Even with the enhancement from the Power of Rebirth, they could not measure up to such a large swarm of Void Beasts.

The situation in the battlefield turned precarious. For the Controllers, it was getting dangerous. Out of more than a dozen Void Beasts, almost half of them surrounded the Five Regions Absolute Beings.

Now, the Five Regions Absolute Beings were still somewhat equally matched with these Void Beasts but after a moment, once all the Master-level Void Beasts began attacking, it would spell trouble.

Nevertheless, Merlin could no longer afford to concern himself because now, he was also in danger. A Void Beast was rushing directly toward him.

Previously, Merlin had over four thousand Controllers in his Illusory World which enabled him to fight against an ordinary Void Beast. Now that Merlin no longer had the four thousand people, despite the gradual fusion of the Powers of Destruction and Rebirth with the Illusory World, he did not know the true extent of his abilities.


Merlin took a deep breath. There was no retreat for him. To be more precise, there was no retreat for all the Free Beings and Controllers. Thus, for the first time, he wielded the Illusory World alone against the Void Beast.


The moment the Illusory World descended, an overwhelming world power burst forth, filled with terrifying powers of suppression. The Void Beast’s eyes looked slightly excited as it slammed its way into the Illusory World.


However, the moment that the Void Beast entered Merlin’s Illusory World, its humongous body was immediately pulverized by the terrifying world power.

A strange power was released, which was immediately gobbled up by the Power of Destruction. The Illusory World pulsed stronger.

“My Illusory World…”

Even Merlin himself was speechless. Since when did his Illusory World become so powerful? From his previous experience, even the top-most Controller was only able to fight against a Void Beast but not kill it.

Now, only the Five Regions Absolute Beings, after being baptized by the Power of Rebirth, could easily kill an ordinary Void Beast. It seemed like Merlin was now able to accomplish the same feat as the Five Regions Absolute Beings.

“Is it because of the Powers of Destruction and Rebirth?”

Merlin observed carefully. His Powers of Destruction and Rebirth had been shaped into two seeds around the Illusory World’s natural order. These were Power Seeds, the respective essences of the Power of Destruction and the Power of Rebirth.

It was the consolidation of the Destruction Seed which allowed the Void Beasts to become Master-level Void Beasts. At the same time, it was the consolidation of the Rebirth Seed that allowed the Five Regions Absolute Beings to kill ordinary Void Beasts and fight against the Master-level Void Beasts.

Now, it appeared that Merlin had consolidated both seeds. The Destruction Seed and the Rebirth Seed – which were two complete polar opposites.


Merlin grew excited. He immediately stretched out the Illusory World and shrouded five ordinary Void Beasts. These Void Beasts sensed the immense pressure and despite unleashing their full strengths, were completely suppressed by Merlin.

Five strange powers were absorbed by the Destruction Seed. Merlin finally understood. The Void Beasts represented Destruction so their bodies contained the Power of Destruction. All they lacked was the method to consolidate the Destruction Seed.

Thus, it was only with the help of the Origin’s Power of Destruction that they could swiftly consolidate the Destruction Seed and become Master-level Void Beasts.

“These Void Beasts will help my Destruction Seed to grow which in turn, will also boost the growth of my natural order and the Rebirth Seed!”

Merlin discovered that the Destruction Seed, Illusory World’s natural order, and the Rebirth Seed had formed a symbiotic relationship. When the Destruction Seed absorbed the Power of Destruction from the Void Beasts, all three powers grew in unison.

“Haha, if I can kill all the Void Beasts as well as absorb all the world power contained in the Destruction Cloud, how much more powerful will I become?”

A bold idea began to form in Merlin’s mind. Devour, endless devouring. His natural order was strong coupled with the Power of Rebirth’s restraint, all three powers had achieved a perfect balance. Hence, he could devour as much as he liked.

“Rumble rumble.”

Thinking along those lines, Merlin’s Illusory World expanded freely and crushed multiple Void Beasts. Finally, Merlin’s power also attracted the attention of the Master-level Void Beasts.

A Master-level Void Beast rammed against Merlin mercilessly. That terrifying power caused Merlin to feel suffocated.


This time, Merlin could not kill this Void Beast. A Master-level Void Beast exceeded Merlin’s expectations. It seemed like his two Seeds were not good enough to give him an edge.

“We can’t stop them…”

Tyron and the other Five Regions Absolute Beings finally could not hold on anymore. This was because the strongest Void Beast had finally attacked. This was an entirely jet-black Void Beast, its body was three to four times bigger than average. It was the largest and strongest out of the Master-level Void Beasts.

As soon as it attacked, the Five Regions Absolute Being was defeated. Even the Rebirth Seed was eroded by the Power of Destruction. The East Region Absolute Being was in great jeopardy.


Merlin growled. Even mobilizing the fullest extent of the Illusory World, he could only barely suppress this Void Beast. When he saw that Tyron and the others were retreating, he hurriedly called out, “Teacher, help me trap this Void Beast.”

Merlin’s earlier accomplishment had not escaped Tyron and the others’ observations. They did not know why Merlin would become so powerful but now, he was their only hope.

“Alright, let’s help Merlin suppress that Master-level Void Beast.”

Under the combined powers of Tyron and the other four, this Master-level Void Beast was gradually suppressed. Following that, Merlin started to attack this Master-level Void Beast and as it weakened, he was able to absorb its Destruction Seed.


Suddenly, the strongest Void Beast turned around and launched itself against the other Master-level Void Beast. It even bit through the neck of another Master-level Void Beast.

At the same time, a huge burst of Destruction Seed flew into the strongest Void Beast’s mouth. Subsequently, the aura on this Void Beast became more daunting.

“Not good, that Void Beast is trying to devour the other Master-level Void Beasts’ Destruction Seed to become a Void Beast King!”

If a Void Beast King truly emerged, it would undoubtedly be a catastrophe for all the Controllers because no one could stand against the Void Beast King.

Nonetheless, they were now powerless to stop it. After devouring a few Destruction Seeds, the Void Beast was already infinitely close to becoming king.

“Woo woo woo…”

At last, the Void Beast that was being confined by Merlin was killed. Its Destructive Seed was devoured by Merlin. Immediately, he felt his world expanding at an astounding rate. In addition, his natural order and the Power of Rebirth were greatly enhanced.

Merlin had a gut feeling that if his Destruction Seed and Rebirth Seed could become the Root of Destruction and the Root of Rebirth, he would truly be free.

“Merlin, you should leave now. You’re our only hope. The Void Beast King will soon appear…”

Tyron’s words were filled with despair. Once the Void Beast King emerged, the Controllers no longer stood a chance.

“A king? Well, I can be a king too…”

By now, Merlin already understood. To become a Void Beast King, the Void Beast must level-up the Destruction Seed into a Root of Destruction. In that case, Merlin could also become a king using the same method. He, too, could devour Destruction Seeds.

Furthermore, he was also able to devour Rebirth Seeds. If he could level-up into the Root of Destruction or Root of Rebirth, then he would be more formidable than a king.

After listening to Merlin’s simple explanation, Tyron and the others perked up a little. In particular, Tyron gushed, “Merlin, the first time I saw you, I sensed that your potential was endless. Now, it looks like it’s true… Our Rebirth Seeds are no longer useful now. They cannot defeat that Void Beast, much less the Void Beast King. So, we’ll give them to you. Haha, if you fail, we’ll all die anyway. What’s the use of keeping this Rebirth Seed?”

Merlin was shocked and about to decline but Tyron and the others had made up their minds. All of them presented their Rebirth Seeds to Merlin.

Five new Rebirth Seeds flew directly into Merlin’s body. His Rebirth Seed devoured them without delay. Thus, Merlin’s natural order, Destruction Seed, and Rebirth Seed all grew stronger.

“Yes, if I fail, all the Controllers will die!”

Merlin took a deep breath. This was the most powerful force he had ever wielded. He was confident to engage the strongest Void Beast in battle.


Merlin’s Illusory World was now ten or maybe a hundred times stronger than before. The all-encompassing world power descended upon them and shrouded the Void Beast. His world power began to suppress it.

Nevertheless, the Void Beast struggled with all its might. Immediately, a violent surge of the Power of Destruction went on a rampage in Merlin’s Illusory World. After all, that Void Beast had already devoured nearly a dozen Master-level Void Beasts. It was already at the critical point to become king. It was simply a matter of time.

“Boom boom boom.”

A massive collision ensued between two pure Powers of Destruction. Although Merlin had devoured a Master-level Void Beast as well as five Rebirth Seeds, he was still far below the Void Beast. It was just one hairbreadth away from consolidating a Root of Destruction and becoming king.

Therefore, Merlin’s Illusory World shattered in an instant. It was almost at the verge of collapse and the Illusory World’s destructive aura was gradually melding into the Void Beast’s body.


Finally, the Void Beast broke through its final obstacle. Its entire body ballooned wildly, about one hundred times the size of a Master-level Void Beast. The entire sky was blocked by its huge body.

Everyone could sense that this Void Beast’s aura was extremely horrifying as though no power could stand against it. The reason was that this was a king – a Void Beast King!


Following the Void Beast King’s roar, all the Void Beasts wandering around the Origin came scrambling. It was because the Void Beast King could summon all Void Beasts.


At this moment, the Void Beast King spoke the human language. The Root of Destruction in its body unleashed a most enormous force that slammed viciously against Merlin’s Illusory World.

Immediately, the incredibly vast Illusory World with its incomparably solid natural order as well as the Rebirth Seed and Destruction Seed were shattered. At this time, no conscious will could withstand such a powerful force.

The Illusory World cracked like an eggshell. Merlin’s consciousness turned fuzzy as though he as sinking into endless depths.

“Oh no, even Merlin is dead. The Void Beast gave birth to a king. Everything will be destroyed…”

Tyron and the other top Absolute Beings stared forlornly at Merlin’s Illusory World, which was crumbling at a terrifying speed with its dissipating power.

This moment, to all the Controllers, was the end!

However, just as Merlin’s consciousness was about to fade away, his Destruction Seed, Rebirth Seed, and the natural order changed. Due to the Void Beast King’s unstoppable strength, they were crushed but precisely because they were crushed that they could now merge completely.

Hence, Destruction and Rebirth merged seamlessly into the natural order. Merlin’s Illusory World natural order originated from the basic principles of the universe but it was not perfect. What it lacked were Destruction and Rebirth.

Now, both these powers had been merged.

“So, what if the world is broken? The natural order is my foundation. Moreover, with Destruction, comes Rebirth…”

Suddenly, everyone was stunned. Amid the endless darkness, Merlin’s voice resounded. At the same time, the initially shattered Illusory World seemed to gain a new breath of life and began to rebuild itself.

The Illusory World appeared once more. However, this time, the Illusory World was infinitely vast and its barriers seemed almost perfect. Any power could be transmuted by it.


The Void Beast’s attack did not cease its frenzied attacks. Nonetheless, when its Power of Destruction entered the Illusory World, it merely stirred up some ripples in the night sky and then disappeared without a trace.

Just like that, no matter how strong a power, how could it possibly destroy the universe?

Infinity, this was Merlin’s Illusory World now. Even Merlin, as its master, did now know the vastness of his Illusory World.

“Void Beast King? Come in. You can become the ancestor of the Alien Beasts, which represents destruction…”

Merlin already understood that destruction and rebirth were not opposites but complementary. A world must have a destructive force as well as rebirth.

The Void Beast King could only roar in despair. Then, it was thrown into the depths of the Illusory World. Its Power of Destruction might be able to destroy countless planets in the blink of an eye but it would not be able to affect the entire world. It could only cause a small ripple in an infinite universe.

This was because it was an infinite world.

Looking at Merlin who was reborn, a hint of awe appeared on Tyron’s face. He murmured, “The most powerful world doesn’t have a limit. A perfect world is an infinite world!”

It was at this moment that everyone understood the meaning of a perfect world which had been pursued by all Controllers. A truly perfect world was infinite…

(The End)

A Wizard’s Secret

A Wizard’s Secret

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Anyone who could construct a stable Spell Model could become a Wizard — that was the Wizards’ ultimate secret! Having been given a new life as the son of an aristocrat and armed with a super quantum computer from his past life, Spell Models came as easily as breathing to Merlin. With this overwhelmingly huge advantage, would Merlin become the greatest Grand Wizard of all time?


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